Plugin Considerations

  • WPForms (33€ per year)
    • Can capture entries, future consideration for phase 2



  • Product List view take (5-10 days delivery out)
  • Prices: Group small group (1-7) and full tables (8, 10, 20, …) for price view in shop page as:
    • Kleingruppe ab: $100
    • ganze Tische ab: $500
  • Product attribute translations
    • Dates
    • price descriptions such as
      • Kleingruppe
      • Area bookings
  • Product button on shop page Ausführung wählen change to Jetzt buchen
  • Area Booking: not specified = Kein bestimmter Bereich
  • Area booking:
    • Can it be hidden until a number of people is selected, its confusing otherwise
    • Split products into kleingruppe & full tables
    • Kleingruppe has no area bookings
  • Preis auf Anfrage
    • Request for quote form to be created
      • Anrede (Herr/Frau)
      • Vorname
      • Nachname
      • email
      • Telefon
      • Reservierungsdatum
      • Welches Zelt (dropdown with all tents)
      • Personen (dropdown with group size selection)
      • Ihre Anfrage (additional notes field)
  • Row spacing smaller in filter
  • Personenanzahl = unknown?
  • On Festzelte page: Sidebar Product images ratio resized, should be landscape
  • Filter: when selecting a date, it becomes two rows
  • Top bar:
    • remove Information
    • add email & phone
  • Product page change
    • Sunday products missing
    • Export products and incorporate into sheet
    • Correct product descriptions
    • move product info under image
    • add link to preis auf anfrage
  • sidebars visually divided lines, boxes?
  • Display price difference for area bookings e.g. Balkon = + 500 €
  • Add Edit page link to bottom of pages if admin signed in
  • TAB:
    • Remove Variations from attributes that dont need user selection


  • formatting
  • Picture Festzelte Übersicht change new one
  • Zelt Button (next tent, other tent)
  • Auswahl hervorheben
  • New Map for Festzelte (kat)

Nice to haves

  • Move Newsletter to new footer (full width)
  • Remove zoom over images in single product page


  • Fix pictures partner
  • clean up, can be newly designed.
  • Featured product on homepage – broken but set up.
  • Link zu pro Sieben video (Benji) – next week Benji Holiday


  • Customize cookie notification (Germanize)
  • Change Home top of page

Anke OLD Notes

  • Text changes GER
    • When is Oktoberfest fehlt auf deutsch
    • Can I add Address field to T&Cs (so I dont have to change it manually when address is changinf


  • Make Telephone compulsory when ordering
  • TEST: Show shipping method as pickup and free, if selected
  • possibility to select multiple dates in Shop
  • Add shipping and additional info on products page
  • Open lightbox image view on clicking on product image in single product page
  • Change image width in shop page view to include landscape image, some festzelt names are cut off
  • change header in Tischreservierungen buchen ( Product) ?????
  • Add Countdown to Oktoberfest 2021 on Home
  • Format OFest counter for mobile
  • sidebar Product pages (e.g. shortcut to other tents/ dates) [discussed with Anke, not required, rather have one tent as product view]
  • When out of stock send request button
  • Fix link for
  • Translate
    • Side cart text
    • Translate OR change date attributes
    • Translate field validations
    • Descriptions of products
    • WPForm: Required field on Preis auf Anfragen

Phase 2

  • Add Variation ID to out of stock email for fast lookup and reset (or rather add url to reset stock in email)
  • Fastbill integration
    • Research possible plugins
    • Review Order number integration
    • Import / export on both systems