Kuffler Wine Hall

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10 Persons
As the name suggests, everything here revolves around the grape juice. Wheat beer is also served here in half-liter glasses, but the focus is on the finest wine and champagne varieties. That's why the many celebrity meet here. The tent, which is kept in the style of a Franconian vineyard, offers not only the usual Bavarian specialties, but also fish and Asian dishes. There are around 2,500 seats inside. A live band with the character of a band ensures the exuberant atmosphere. Here, too, the partying takes place a lot longer than 11 p.m.

At a glance:

Wine, sparkling wine, champagne, Paulaner wheat beer
Cashpayment and German Cash Card
The Snoops, Sumpfkröten, Blechblos’n, Högl Fun Band
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09am - 00:45am
Tent Size
1.920 seats inside 580 seats outside
Champagne shower, party until 1 a.m.