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Georg Lang, opened the Augustiner Festztelt in 1898. Since 2010 the tent has its 30m high tower again, which not only shows its visitors the way to the tent. Probably the best beer at Oktoberfest is stored in the tower on the first floor. The beer gets its special taste from the 200 liter wooden barrels, the so-called deer (instead of steel barrels). As a result, the beer has less carbonic acid and tastes milder and more palatable.

The Augustiner marquee with its 6,000 seats has over 200 regulars' tables, not least because of its very friendly service staff.

The famous Oktoberfest atmosphere was invented here in 1902, because a music band was hired in this tent for the first time. The Augustiner Tent also houses the oldest music band, which can count its bandmasters dating back to 1949. This year Reinhard Hagitte leads the only Oktoberfest band whose musicians take part in the big traditional costume parade. With traditional Bavarian and Munich brass music, the tent is a cozy family tent during the week. In the evenings and on weekends, however, you can dance on the benches from the early afternoon onwards to rock and pop music with a lot of atmosphere.

Das Augustiner Zelt wird von seiner eigenen Metzgerei beliefert. Das Gut Granerhof bei Peißenberg liefert nur regionale Produkte von Tieren aus artgerechter Haltung. Aber auch Vegetarier kommen hier auf Ihren Geschmack mit Gerichten aus der Vital-Küche.

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Augustiner Bräu

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Augustiner Oktoberfest-kapelle, Leitung Reinhard Hagitte

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