Information about the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest or “Wiesn” is the largest folk festival in the world. It takes place once a year on the Theresienwiese in the Bavarian capital of Munich.

The Munich breweries produce a special festival beer especially for the Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest attracts around 7 million visitors to Munich every year.

There are 14 large beer halls with a capacity of up to 8,000 places in one beer hall and other smaller beer halls.


The beer halls are open daily from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. You can attend the festivities at the Wiesn non-stop every weekday from Monday to Sunday.


Impressions of the Oktoberfest

The tents are usually closed due to overcrowding and you can only enter the tent with a valid table reservation. A table reservation is a fixed seat reservation at a table in a beer hall at the Oktoberfest. This gives you the privilege to take a seat for a certain period of time.

Without a table reservation, it is difficult to get a seat at a table in the large popular beer tents.

Without a seat, you cannot order food or drinks from the waiters.


Die Tischreservierung muss pünktlich zur Startzeit angetreten werden, da diese sonst nach kurzer Zeit von den Kellnern an andere Gäste vergeben werden.

Due to the high demand, it is very difficult for many Oktoberfest visitors to get a table reservation in advance, especially for popular beer halls and at popular times. The beer hall operators often give priority to regular customers. With our business model, anyone can get a table reservation.

We offer table reservations for Oktoberfest beer halls as a secondary market provider. This means that we do not receive reservations directly from the beer hall operator, but from people who have purchased them directly from the beer halls. Important: We start with the sales even before the delivery from our suppliers and before the table reservations and the associated documents are issued by the beer hall operators. However, we make a binding commitment to our customers to procure the ordered table reservations. If this does not succeed, you are entitled to claims against us, in particular for repayment of the purchase price.

The reservation confirmation, which also contains the name of the original customer, cannot be changed to your name. In addition, the admissibility of transferring table reservations is legally controversial. Should there be any inconvenience when visiting the marquee, our customer service is also available at short notice.
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Different tent operators offer different table sizes.


A table can be set up for 8, 10 or 20 seats. For reservations for 20 people or more, the seats are at two or more tables of 10 right next to each other. If you want to book for a group of 6 or fewer people, you usually share a table of ten with other guests.


Please find the details about the table sizes (number of seats) in the respective offers in our shop.

A Maß Bier is a one liter glass container filled with beer available at the Oktoberfest or in Munich beer gardens.


The price of a Maß beer is determined anew every year and has been between 10.80€ and 11.80€ in recent years.

Families with children under 6 years old are very welcome at the festival area. Parents and legal guardians can take their children into the beer hals until 8 p.m.


Teenagers under 16 years of age can stay in the beer halls after 8 p.m. accompanied by a legal guardian. Adolescents aged 16 and over are allowed to drink beer on presentation of photo identification.


For security reasons strollers are only allowed on the festival ground until 6 p.m.


ATTENTION: On Saturdays and public holidays, strollers are not permitted all day.


Strollers can be parked in front of the entrances for a fee of € 3

Luggage that exceeds the dimensions 20 x 15 x 10 centimeters or a volume of three liters may not be taken onto the Theresienwiese.

And den Eingängen stehen Gepäckaufbewahrungen zur Verfügung. Je nach Gewicht werden hierfür zwischen 4 und 7€ pro Gepäckstück berechnet.

When can I go to the festival area, where and when does the opening beer keg tapping take place, how long is the party in the beer halls and when is 'Zapfenstreichen', meaning when is the last beer served?


Opening times festival area:

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Opening times beer tents:

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Times for serving beer:

On the first Saturday of the Oktoberfest from 10 a.m. non-alcoholic drinks only until 12pm

ANSTICH: Samstag 17.09.2022 um 12 Uhr (Schottenhamel beer hall)

Beer is served Mon-Fri: 10 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

and Sat, Sun and public holidays: 9 a.m. - 10.30 p.m.

Booking information

This differs depending on the beer hall. Please refer to the respective offer in our shop for information on the included consumption vouchers.

The beer halls have the following tent areas:center/middle area, Boxe, and Balcony:


Central/ Middle area ("Mittelschiff")::

The atmosphere here is very exuberant with partying and swaying guests. Dancing on the benches is allowed and is even encouraged in most beer halls.


Box (side tent area):

The boxes are ideal for guests who prefer to be more comfortable. This area is characterized by its mostly more exclusive atmosphere. Dancing on the benches is also allowed here.


Balcony (upper beer hall area):

Here you have the perfect view of the entire beer hall. To minimize risk, however, dancing on the benches is prohibited. Therefore, the mood in this area is more relaxed than the other areas.

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The delivery takes place no later than 5 days before the date of the booked event day. Alternatively, you can also tell us your hotel address in Munich and we will deliver there. The delivery takes place via insured shipping. We use GO Express as a premium shipping company.


After you have placed your order, you will receive an invoice from us with a 19% VAT on your company.

The full amount has to be transferred within 5 days after you received the confirmation of your order. For Paypal and credit card payments, the payment must be made directly during the order process.

You can conveniently pay in our shop by PayPal and credit card. Alternatively, the amount can be transferred to our bank account. In addition, we also accept handling in trust via a lawyer / notary.